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Not too long ago, the rail system disappeared on the Northside. During Northside’s Allegheny City incarnation, rails where everywhere. Not only were there streetcars, but also 4 known inclines. The rail system was very important to the growth of Allegheny City as well as early Northside.

In 1868 the Federal Street and Pleasant Valley Railway Company was chartered. The line was completed in 1871 and went from Federal Street to it’s station on Brighton Road near Uniondale Cemetery. The earliest streetcars were pulled by horses.  Normally two horses were strapped to the front of the street car to pull it along. rails. The oldest streetcar is on display at the Trolley Museum.

Traction Street Cars on Federal Street near Montgomery Street 1888-1890.

In the late 1880’s the Pittsburgh Motor Company introduced an electric motorized system that travel up Federal Street passing the Market House and Montgomery Street along the way.  These streetcars worked by traction much like an incline on a pulley system. The pulleys were located under the tracks.

#8 Perrysville 1920’s

Between 1895 and 1905 streetcars tracks were becoming consolidated in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Railways was one of the predecessors of Port Authority of Allegheny County. It had 666 PCC cars, the 3rd largest fleet in North America. They had a total of 68 routes. Street cars were converted into electric and overhead wires were installed to deliver
power to them.

#21 Fineview April 28, 1966 (2).

Here are the Allegheny City/Northside routes:

1 Spring Garden 1915-1957
2 Etna 1907-1952
3 Millvale 1907-1952
4 Troy Hill 1915-1957
5 Troy Hill (Lowrie) 1916-1940
5 Spring Hill 1918-1957

#5 Spring Hill on Itin Street

6 Brighton Road 1915-1966
6/13 Brighton/Emsworth 1965-1965
6/14 Brighton/Avalon 1965-1966

#6/14 Brighton-Avalon on Arch Street 1966

7 Charles Street 1915-1961
8 Perrysville 1899-1965

#8 Perrysville 1920’s

9 Charles Street Transfer 1916-1951
10 West View/Bellevue 1915-1965
11 East Street/Madison 1915-1965
12 Evergreen 1915-1965
19 Western Avenue 1915-1961
20 Rebecca/Reedsdale 1915-1961
21 Nunnery Hill 1915-1951
21 Fineview 1908-1966
22 Crosstown 1918-1964

#22 Crosstown & #5 Evergreen at Federal & East Ohio Streets 1949.  

To see many more images click on this link to check out our gallery “The Ultimate Northside Streetcar Collection”.

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