ACHG Receives Work Space at Alloy 26 in Nova Place…

Nov 3, 2018 | | Say something

Bill & Kim Gandy from ACHG in front of Alloy 26 in Nova Place.

The Allegheny City Historic Gallery was given transitional work space at Alloy 26 in Nova Place, located in the former spot of Woolworth’s in Allegheny Center Mall.  The space was acquired through Alloy 26’s Fellowship Program offered to Pittsburgh based startups, entrepreneurs, makers & other great organizations doing awesome things. (For organizations with under 5 employees).

Bill & Kim Gandy from ACHG inside Alloy 26.

The ACHG will not have display space in this area, but we were given co-working space to operate, meet and print.  We also have unlimited access to Wi-Fi, access to conference rooms, event & auditorium space and many other cool corporate perks.  The Fellowship will last for six months while we transition into former McNaugher Middle School which will still require painting and some other prep work.

Inside Alloy 26’s Work Space.

We are really looking forward to operating in a space with many creative and progressive minds.  We are also very appreciative of this opportunity to access tools to help further our chances of growth and success.

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