Allegheny City (Northside) Business Advertisements from 1860-1899.

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Robert Weyrich Corsets Trade Card from around 1885.
Located at 45 Chestnut Street, Allegheny, PA.
From Bob Blackham’s Family Allegheny City Trade Card Collection.

As many of you know, the Northside of Pittsburgh was once it’s own city called Allegheny until it was annexed by the City of Pittsburgh in 1906.  It was a very large and lucrative city and contained many people.  It was so large that it had it’s own train station (Fort Wayne Depot) located where the current Post Office on Federal Street is today.  There were many businesses located in the city of Allegheny also.  We got a look at some of the businesses that existed on the Northside in the mid to late 1800’s.  Northsider Bob Blackham’s family lived in Allegheny City during this period.  They put together a book of these cards which were used for advertising and sometimes used as commerce.  The Allegheny City Historic Gallery digitized the entire collection and made it available for all to view online.  It’s like taking a walk down Federal, Ohio and Chestnut Streets in the 1880’s.  These cards are very rare and some original and unique.

The book also contained business from downtown Pittsburgh and some suburban areas that will be released at a later date.  Be sure to check out our collections of Blaxploitation cards and medicines and tonics from that same book and era.  Below is a gallery of Allegheny City Trade Cards.  Enjoy…

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