Max Klein Wholesale Liquors 82 Federal Street

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Max Klein. – Distiller and Importer; Sole Proprietor of the “Silver Age” Rye Whiskies; 82 Federal Street, Allegheny.
Mr. Klein is distinguished among the wholesale liquor dealers of the two cities by reason of the volume of his business, the great extent and variety of his stock, and the marked superiority of his facilities for the prompt and satisfactory filling of orders.

His connection with this business as a principal dates back to 1870, in which year he established in business at 14 and 16 Wood street, Pittsburgh. From thence he removed in 1880 to his present elegant quarters at 81 Federal street, Allegheny, where he is surrounded by all the conveniences and auxiliaries calculated to aid or expedite the operations of the business, and to facilitate the prosecution of his large and ever increasing trade. In this commodious, well-lighted and completely equipped establishment lie carries a large stock, embracing the finest productions of the leading American distillers in the best and purest brands of rye and other whiskies, making a prime specialty of the justly celebrated “Silver Age ” rye whisky, of which he is the sole proprietor and controls the entire output. This celebrated whisky is a pure, reliable alcoholic stimulant, indorsed by prominent physicians as being superior to any other stimulant in the market, possessing the properties required for medicinal purposes. This first class whisky has earned an unsurpassed reputation for its uniform superiority and excellent flavor, and is in high favor with consumers and consequently large demand by the trade in all parts of the United States, the volume of Mr. Klein’s trade in this whisky alone giving him a leading prominence among the large distillers of the twin cities.

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