Blaxploitation Advertisements Circulated throughout Allegheny City 1840’s-1890…

Aug 5, 2019 | | Say something

Back in the late 1800’s most local and national business chains advertised on trading cards.  Most of the cards were in full color but once in a while some would appear in black and white.  Cartoon art seems to be featured and most of them are very detailed.  A couple of years ago, the Allegheny City Historic Gallery acquired an entire collection of Victorian era Trading cards from Northsider Bob Blackham (check out this video).  All of the cards in the collection were traded and distributed locally.  They include cards from Allegheny City and Pittsburgh establishments, as well as a few local suburban communities.

We are making all of these images available as individual cards as well as entire pages.  This gallery features locally distributed, Victorian era advertisements with drawn images of African-Americans.  Many of them appeared between 1840-1889.

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