Dan Rooney & Carol Peterson at ACHG

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Bill, Dan & Carol

The ACHG has yet to open and has already hosted a book signing with two of the top names in the history game.  On Wednesday, July 15, 2015 Steelers owner Dan Rooney came to the Allegheny City Historic Gallery to sign copies of his book “Allegheny City” co-authored with local Architectural historian Carol Peterson.


Many turned out to see this dynamic duo of history, who told stories of the past and explained the make-up of the City of Allegheny, now known as Pittsburgh’s Northside.  Dan Rooney told stories of how Allegheny had the most millionaires in the world.  Many of them later relocated to Sewickly where they had vacation homes.  He also talked about how his family came from Ireland, traveled through Canada and landed in Pittsburgh.  His grandfather was actually more interested in baseball & boxing than football.  Carol explained the landscape of Allegheny City.  She also revealed that Lake Elizabeth located in West Park was man-made.

Books being signed by Rooney & Peterson

Supporters of Northside history asked questions, purchased books & had them signed by the authors.  ACHG provided light refreshments, the Victory restaurant provided tables and chairs for Rooney & Peterson, and the Northside Leadership Conference supplied chairs for supporters.  Gail Knight-Kruezer a contributor to the gallery gave us a beautiful floral arrangement adding to the ambiance.  The next day write-ups about the event appeared in the University of Pittsburgh Press & The Northside Chronicle.  It was a great night for Northside and the Allegheny City Historic Gallery.

Achg Kids Collage photo

ACHG Kids characters, created by 14-year old Sydnie Gandy were also on full display at the event and a G-Tech Survey team were on hand to ask questions about improving the Northside.  Many stayed around after Rooney & Peterson left to look at photos and discuss history. You can catch us at the Northside Old-Timers Reunion Picnic August 1, 2015 in West Park near Lake Elizabeth.

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  1. Thank you, Bill Gandy, for publishing the information about the Pgh history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Am I correct that your mother is/was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and although you were raised as one, you are not now? So many interesting things happen in Pgh. I learn something every day. Too bad I didn’t l appreciate it until I moved away. Thanks again.

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