F&J Heinz Pickling & Preserving

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F&J Heinz Pickling & Preserving Trade Card from Between 1876-1888.

Part of Bob Blackham’s Family Allegheny City Trade Card Collection.
Located at Second Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

The H.J. Heinz Company was founded in 1869 by Henry John Heinz (1844-1919). Along with his partner, L.C. Noble, H.J. Heinz began to cultivate horseradish on a less than one-acre plot in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania. Heinz and Noble, producing their product under the brand of Anchor Pickle and Vinegar Works, expanded their business to include over one hundred acres of land, a work force numbering over one hundred, and new products such as pickles, vinegar, and celery sauce. In 1872, E.J. Noble entered the partnership to become Heinz, Noble & Company, and the plant moved to Second Avenue in Pittsburgh. In 1875, when Heinz contracted to buy the products produced by a pickling and bottling company in Woodstock, Illinois, branch distributing houses were opened at St. Louis and Chicago. The Panic of 1873, however, eventually caused Heinz, Noble & Company to go bankrupt by 1875. H.J. Heinz began a new business two months later with help from his brother John and his cousin Frederick. The company became known as F.& J. Heinz from 1876 until 1888. The year 1876 was also significant because they introduced tomato ketchup to the Heinz product lines. Additional products such as apple butter, pepper sauce, and mince meat were also introduced in these early years.

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