Ghosting Photos… A Glimpse into the 4th Dimension

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Have you ever heard of ghosting photos?  “Ghosting” refers to a phenomenon that occurs when photographing moving objects while using a flash or light source. It is a reflection that display multiple colors as a result of the lens diaphragm. Images appear blurry.  Despite the technical reasons for ghosting, I see something much deeper than that.  I see a brief glimpse at time, also known as the realm of the 4th dimension. I know that sounds a little confusing but let me explain.


Photo of Rhine Street in 1927 provided by Bob Walsh

We are currently living in 3 dimensional space.  We can see length (1), height (2) & depth (3). Photographs by their nature are 2-dimensional because they are on a flat surface.  Flat surfaces only allow for length (1) & height (2).  Both of these dimensions are common and we see them everyday.  We cannot consistently see the 4th dimension.  However we can catch a glimpse of it at times.  According to quantum physics the 4th dimension is time/duration.  How is it possible to see time?

If you were able to see your body in the 4th dimension it would look sorta like a worm.  You would be able to see every scene of a walk to the refrigerator, all at once.  The time you arose from your seat, the moment you reach the refrigerator and every step in-between would be visible and look connected.  There are no breaks in time, it is continuous. Therefore the scenes of your motion would appear continuous & connected.  Whenever you see the blur of a speeding car passing by, you are getting a peek at time.  You can’t quite distinguish the car’s location because the speed is allowing you to see the car in several spaces at once.  This brings me back to the ghosting which appears in many old photographs.


Looking closely at this photograph you will notice that the woman on the left, walking up Rhine Street toward the police officer isn’t merely a smeared image.  Not only is she in several different locations, she is also in several different positions.  This is also known as super-position in quantum physics.  She appears to be in several different places at once.  It’s a unique look at her motion.  A little further down the street you can also see the ghosted image of a man walking up the street.


These photos are much more than the average photo.  They are like a moving picture frozen in time. Capturing spirits that still walk the streets of Allegheny may require a more than average camera.  In fact according to quantum physics, dimensions overlap.  It is very possible that these same people are still walking up and down Rhine Street in another dimension of time.  Perhaps masked in a thin layer of the multiverse (see multiple universe theory) just beyond our site.  It is very possible that one day scientists will invent a way to capture images outside of our view of reality.

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