Remember Shopping at Sears on the Northside?

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Allegheny Center Mall 1968-Bob Rathke

Allegheny Center Mall-1968

The Holiday Seasons always bring out nostalgic thoughts.  Shopping for gifts and holiday sales is what comes to my mind often when I have a flashback caused by a certain feel of the day, or other abstract reasons.   Born in 1967, my shopping memories on the Northside include my mother buying shoes at S&S on East Ohio Street, and taking me to Sears in Allegheny Center Mall for a new pair of Toughskin Jeans or shirts.  She also bought my underclothes and Underroos for my younger sister there.  Our washer and dryer were also Kenmore.  As I got into my high school in the mid 80’s I would still buy my underclothes there, but it was considered “uncool” to get your school clothes there.  I did however take my 1st car to Sears Automotive for repair.  Below is a photo of Sears from the 1960’s on South Diamond Street and next to it is a recent photo of were it would have been located.

A view of where Sears was located at the end of South Diamond Street. Photo by Kim Gandy 2017.

Photo of South Diamond Street in July 1965. Photo by Bob Rathke.

Sears was actually a part of the Northside shopping landscape for a very long time. Prior to it’s Allegheny Center location, it had it’s own building on the block of Sandusky (East side of building), South Diamond (North side of building), East Diamond (West side of the building) and Park Streets (South side of the building).  The automotive building was on Stockton Avenue.  In fact my Great-Grandfather, Norman Cunningham worked at it’s original location when he moved to Northside back in 1924.

I’m sure that many natives have memories of shopping at Sears.  We were able to obtain some great images of the original Sears from past and present Northsiders.


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  1. I worked at Boggs and Buhl part time when I was in High School in the 40’s. Boggs and Buhl was big department store in the area where it was replaced by Sears. Many great memories of those days


  2. What ? No mention of the classic and beautiful market that took up the entire city block and was demolished to make way for the soul-less mall. Please, do something to earn the title “History” and the responsibilities that go with it.

  3. Im an old time norsider. My family had a Business om e gen Robinson for 25 years, so i spent most of my youth on the norside. Seeing all these pictures just brings up memories of the destruction Murphy brought about in his one man recking crew.

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