Remembering the 2001 Nightclub!

Jan 4, 2019 | | 3 comments

Photo of Jimmy Waxter, Original DJ at the 2001 Night Club on the Northside.

In the 1970’s the 2001 Nightclub was located on the Northside on General Robinson Street.  For a while it was the hottest disco club in Pittsburgh.  Did you also know that it was part of a franchise that began in Pittsburgh and spread to 25 other cities?  2001 Nightclubs of America was started in 1975 on the Northside by businessman Tom Jayson.  Shortly after he opened branches in Meadeville, PA, Jamestown N.Y. & Rochester N.Y..  The clubs were set up pretty much in the exact same way.  The clubs were very successful in every market.

Being born in 1967, I was too young to experience the 2001 in it’s heyday.  My older siblings did go every week.  I would see them styling in their cool threads before they left for the club.  They would also tell us younger ones about their experiences at the club.

Wedding of Carol Debar inside 2001 Nightclub on General Robinson Street in 1978. Photo from Mary Ann Campbell.

No liquor was served at the 2001 nightclub, it was B.Y.O.B.  The waitresses would provide party-goers with their favorite soda to mix with their alcohol.  You needed an L.C.B. card back then in order to drink.  The fashion of the era was bell-bottom pants, silk & satin shirts and platform shoes.

Disco was born on Valentines Day 1970 when the 1st club opened in New York City called the Loft.  Disco officially died in the mainstream in 1979.  Culminating with a promotion by “Disco Destruction Night” hosted by the Chicago White Sox.

The Allegheny City Historic Gallery is recapturing the disco era for one night by hosting a 2001 Night Club Reunion Party at McNaugher Middle School Gym (located on Maple Avenue in Perry Hilltop) on Saturday, March 23, 2019 from 7 pm-11 pm.  The event features Jimmy Waxter, the original 2001 Night Club D.J.

Allegheny City Historic Gallery is hosting a 2001 Nightclub Reunion Party featuring original DJ Jimmy Waxter.

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  1. I don’t know how this event escaped my attention. I’m sorry to have missed it. Though I’ve never met Mr. Waxter, I would have liked to hear him play. Hello from Rick Jankowski (DJ of The Backstage, Holiday House, Monroeville PA. 1977-1981 six nights a week.) PS I remember 2001’s kick-off. I played there. KDKA talk show host, Perry Marshall, used the mike to summon patrons to the buffet. Tom Jayson and Bill Barnes had hired me for a short stint but I quit to go to the H.H. As I recall, Jim Kolich was dj there for some time. Jim later moved on to Chauncy’s in Station Square. My alternate DJ at the Holiday House, another seasoned club DJ, Gene Molnar, played the late night gigs on the weekend for a long time.

  2. I remember the club it wss raised out of the northside ashes. My family had a Business on e gen robinson for 25 years.
    So im an old norsider. I was president of the ns rotary in 1985.I spent my youth on the norside.

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