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Introducing the ACHG Kids Coloring Calendar Project…

calendar support websiteOur goal is to give every Northside elementary school students grades K-5 free coloring calendars that teach neighborhood history.

Pittsburgh King

Pittsburgh Manchester

Pittsburgh Morrow

Pittsburgh Spring Hill

We want to create and give away 1000 calendars.  The overall cost of the project is around $8000.

To underwrite the cost of producing the kids calendars we’ve created great promotional options & opportunities for those whom desire to financially support this project.

Support Level

Main Sponsor—Company Name and Contact Information on Front and Back Cover plus the top inner flap.  Only 1 spot available.  $2000

Major Supporter— An ad for your company will appear in a square on the bottom flap.  It will be visible for all 12 months.  Only 4 spots available. $1000 each.

Month Supporter—An ad for your company/organization will appear at the top of one of the months . The earliest advertisers get place their ad on the month of their choice.  There are only 12 spots available. $500 Each.

Event Listings—Want to list your family friendly event in our calendar?  List your event in at least 1000 calendars  that will posted in homes.  $100 per event listed.

Each neighborhood is represented by a cartoon mascot encoded with history of the neighborhood.  All 18 Northside neighborhoods will be promoted within this 12 month calendar.

Some of the characters include Spring Hill Sally, Nathaniel Northview, Marshall Shadeland, Mary Manchester & more…

Spring Hill Sally poster 1 Nathaniel Northview poster Marshall Shadeland poster Troy Hill and pancakes

If you would like to support this project contact us at or just click the contact us button on our website.  If you would like to donate to this project or any other of our efforts, click the donate button to the right.

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